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Since 2012, the organization L'Art de Vivre has supported and accompanied pupils in Rwanda on their courses of education and their journeys through life. We finance school attendance for people who otherwise wouldn't be able to pay school fees. This enables them to acquire knowledge and capacities which are as essential for their future careers as they are for their personal development. In doing so, we help others to help themselves, for education allows people to take charge of their own fates and to become responsible citizens who can successfully contribute to their country's self-paced development.


Our work is inspired by the universal values of human rights. Still today, millions of people are affected by unspeakable harm because their rights are not respected. At the same time, the realization of those rights is an important foundation for a peaceful, free and just coexistence of people of all nations, complexions, religions and sexes.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights grants the right to education to every human being. Yet often, this right exists on paper only. Many children have to exist as soldiers, workers or refugees, are orphaned by AIDS and have to take up the role of the parents, to care for the household and younger brothers and sisters, or fight a daily struggle for survival in extreme poverty. Things which we in Europe take for granted – attendance of primary and secondary schools, lessons with qualified teachers and the opportunity to study at a university – will forever remain a dream for many of those children.


And yet, the personal development of the boys and girls whom we support and many other examples from other countries show: Step by step, we can make a difference! When people cooperate in order to achieve a common goal, when we understand that our own educational opportunities have been an enormous gift, and when we want to share this gift with others whose living conditions hinder them from accessing education, another world is possible: a world in which more and more people are able to make use of their right to education. That is our dream.



On this web site we present our activities, aims and history. You also find all the information you need in order to get in touch with us and to contribute to the promotion of educational opportunities for young people in Rwanda through constructive criticism, a donation, cooperation with us, or as a new member of our organization. We thank you for your interest in L'Art de Vivre.

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