L'Art de Vivre

L’Art de Vivre (ADV) was an educational project for young people in Africa. The project was established in 2007 by Yamila Putz, during her stay in Rwanda. During her stay she worked at a youth centre for which she developed several sport, food and education programs. After running ADV several years as an educational project it became an official registered association on the 17th of March 2012 in Augsburg, Germany.


Our vision is that scholing is one of the most important resources one needs to fully develop oneself as an individual and to establish oneself in society. Every human being has the right of education and this right should not be abstained for anyone. Especially after the genocide in 1994 education and training for everybody, young and old, is the only way of providing chances for a better future. Education sets a route for developing conflict avoidance strategies and therefor a way to avoid a new genocide. In particular the younger generations should not forget what has befallen their country. They have to learn about and from their history to create new ways of problem solving so history won't repeat itself. 


ADV as an association supports these young people by reaching out to them and on the one hand giving them the opportunity to exercise their right to education and on the other hand giving them the chance to develop and establish themself as an individual.  


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