Becoming a member

We are always glad to welcome new members, because we need to cooperate in order to enable Rwandan boys and girls to attend school. We would like to work together with you towards the achievement of our goals.


Being a small and young organization, the commitment of all members and everyone's knowledge, capacities and ideas are vital for L'Art de Vivre. So as a new member, you can immediately contribute your own initiatives and strengths instead of having to adapt to rigid established structures. At the same time, nobody is on his own. Old and new members support each other in implementing different projects so that we can be successful together.


As a member of our organization, you will receive information aobut, current fundraising activities, developments in the organization and ofcourse also about the scholars and students we are supporting. As a member you're also allowed to participate in the annual general assemblies, where you can vote for policy changes. The membership fee is 10,- per year. As a member you're not oblidged to participate in any activities, this means you can also become a 'passive member'. Furthermore, you don't enter into any other obligation and can leave the organization in the end of any year without having to state your reasons.


In order to become a member of L'Art de Vivre, please fill in the application that you can download at this page and then send it to


lartdevivre (at)


We would be glad to welcome you among us soon!

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